Three Hundred Days of Shine is Monument's premiere craft moonshine distillery, named after Colorado's unofficial pioneer-era slogan "300 days of sunshine," a nod to the state's gorgeous weather and an unofficial advertisement for those looking to move westward. The company, which is operated by six Colorado families, produces smooth moonshine recipes infused with natural ingredients, striving to recreate traditional moonshine distilling techniques popular prior to the implementation of Prohibition in the early 20th century. Small-batch recipes are produced by hand, including the company's apple pie, Margarita Moon, summertime strawberry lemonade, peach cobbler, and Colorado honey liquor varieties. Fun seasonal flavors are constantly rotated at the distillery's public tasting room, including variants such as sweet iced tea and pineapple.

279 Beacon Lite Rd, Suite G, Monument, CO 80132, Phone: 719-466-0023

3 Hundred Days