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Our Moonshine

Check out our unique Moonshine flavors and recipes here!

3 Hundred Days Moonshine is “drinkable” right out of the bottle - that’s why we call it -
Western Sippin’ Shine! 

Peach Cobbler

Juicy peaches and hints of cinnamon. It's ready to drink on the rocks or neat.

Margarita Moon

The only margarita made from moonshine and without the fuss. Pour on ice in a glass rimmed with salt to enjoy a one-of-a-kind, delicious margarita.

Sugar Moon

Historically Colorado Moonshiners made a unique shine from sugar and sugar beets called Sugar Moon. This is a true 105 proof Colorado Clear, reminiscent of Colorado's historical Sugar Moon.

Rocky Mountain Sweet Tea

Shine blended with a Southern Sweet Tea recipe. Your Welcome!

Colorado Honey

100 proof shine infused with honey straight from Colorado honeybees. For the connoisseur. Sip and ahhh...


Apple Pie

Flavors come from natural juices and sugars with a taste and aroma found only in America! Enjoy on the rocks or neat.


What's more refreshing on a hot summer day (or any day, frankly) than an ice cold glass of lemonade? Natural lemonade, sweet strawberries infused with our signature shine make this a favorite.


If growing up you were one of those kids who liked to compete with your friends on how long you could keep a fireball jaw breaker in your mouth, you will love Firebomb. This 100 proof shine is infused with highly concentrated cinnamon to create that one of a kind burn for the kid in all of us.